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Blake's "cupcake dreams" are to support kids battling cancer on three different levels:

1) To reach cancer kids directly, by raising funds through cupcake sales to grant their wishes and make their dreams come true  2) to provide funds for families struggling with the emotional and financial burden of caring for a child battling cancer and 3) to raise funds to donate to pediatric cancer research.

Cupcakes for Cancer has identified three non- profit organizations that are committed to Blake's congruent goals. All proceeds from cupcake activities are currently donated to support these organizations:


Newest to Cupcakes for Cancer's mission! An organization to reach out to all living creatures in Coasta Rica!

I hope Costa Rica is ready for Tropical cupcakes because founder Blakely Colvin is departing at the end of October 2014 to frost Hope through self exploration, fundraising, helping orphanes, and expanding Cupcakes for Cancer. 


Tropical Adventures is a volunteer service organization based in Costa Rica. They design unique, affordable, fully-customized volunteer and voluntour experiences. They work with individuals, families, and groups who want to make a positive impact while experiencing a world different from their own.

They are the only volunteer service organization in Costa Rica that offers flexible and tailored volunteer vacations at extremely affordable prices. 

Since 2005, Tropical Adventures has been designing volunteer and voluntour experiences with a focus on conservation, sustainability, and community development projects. They combine years of experience serving visitors like you with our local knowledge of Costa Rica, to create a life-changing experience that accommodates all travel timelines, budgets, and interests.

Because they live, work, and play in Costa Rica, they have had the opportunity to build strong relationships with local non-profits and develop their own projects that are in real need of helping hands.  This organization offers an unforgettable experience, working side-by-side with local people interested in collaboration and cultural exchange.






Since 1985 MAWF of Tri-Counties has enriched the lives of children with life threatening medical conditions through wish granting. This chapter of the MAWF is committed to never declining a qualified wish referral or limiting the scope of a child's imagination for his or her wish due to lack of funds.

Cupcakes for Cancer has donated $35,000- enough funds to personally grant 6 wishes for children here in the tri-counties. Blake, at age 11, received her special wish from this very same MAWF chapter! Blake's personally designed wish was to travel to Altantis-in the Bahama's, with her 2 older brothers and mom & dad- to swim among the dolphins and slide through shark invested waters! Blake could of never imagined then, that she -a wish kid- would one day be granting wishes herself!





The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation ensures that children with cancer receive the undivided comfort of their parents during treatment and recovery by providing families with financial and emotional support. This is achieved by providing middle to low-income families with financial aid for rent, mortgage, utilities and payments as well as other supportive services, thereby allowing families to focus on what is truly important-their children.

In 2010, TBCF served 445 individuals which represents 104 families. Of these 104 families, 51 received financial assistance and an additional 53 benefited from other services offered by the foundation!

Cupcakes for Cancer is proud to be an "Ambassador Bear" for The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation - having donated over $10,000 to this wonderful foundation! Cupcake Camp Santa Barbara, held each July in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, has become Cupcakes for Cancer's signature event, with proceeds benefiting TBCF.


Band of Parents, Inc. a/k/a Band of Parents is a not-for-profit corporation duly incorporated under the laws of the State of New York. Band of Parents is a 501(c)3 public charity. Your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


The Band of Parents is a member based organization with the goal of funding new therapies for neuroblastoma, a rare and deadly cancer that only strikes children. Our mission is to seek projects that have already been examined in the lab and are in need of assistance to rapidly move into a patient population within 12-24 months of funding.

Know the Facts and Help Children Fight Neuroblastoma

Neuroblastoma it is the most common cancer in children under 2 years of age and is diagnosed in about 650 children in the U.S. each year. Arising in the developing nerves of a child, often appearing as a tumor in the chest or abdomen. Neuroblastoma attacks the sympathetic nervous system and in 2/3rds of cases it goes undiagnosed until it has spread (metastasized) to other parts of the body. Once neuroblastoma spreads, it is often considered High Risk disease which has a 5 year survival rate of just 30 percent.The cause of neuroblastoma is unknown.






Dedicated to raising private funds for childhood cancer research for the Children's Oncology Group, the world's largest cooperative cancer research organization. This organization is committed to eliminating childhood cancer through scientific discovery and compassionate care. This oncology group is a network of more than 5,000 physicians, nurses and scientists whose collaboration has turned child hood cancer from a virtually incurable disease to one with a 78% cure rate!

In order to continue to raise enough funds to go around, Blake created a national outreach dubbed "Frosting HOPE Across America" designed to inspire others to bake cupcakes and donate too! All funds raised and collected from out of state volunteers, referred to as Cupcake Angels, are donated directly to CureSearch.

Imagine the extraordinary power of Cupcake Angels, from every where, making a SWEET difference one crumb at a time, in the lives of a children with cancer?!