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Blake's Bio

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 As a little girl I always Dreamed of a land where I was free to be my Own Soul. Where judgements ceased and love was the only Truth. It was my Heaven. 

  I believe Heaven is on this Earth. It is all how you view your  own life experiences. God is in us all.  We all glimmer with his Spirit and it is more powerful than we may ever know. 

 What a beautiful thought! Brings tears to my eyes!!

 With every blink I see more beauty and more vibrance in each moment.  I could never be in this state of mind without the personal experience of being in the perplexed realm of near Death. Chemotherapy was so very Harsh on my young 9 year old body. However, the love that my family and dear loved ones, and even lovely strangers gave me is what gave my Spirit the Strength to IGNITE. 

 The chemotherapy fluids that pumped in my veins gave me Dreams, Images, and Pain that I cannot forget. I can not let them ever escape my mind for they are far too beautiful and meaningful! They gave me the FIRE to lay myself down and sacrifice all that I can give to every creature I know. 

  Cupcakes for Cancer is just the start of my life's journey to committing myself to the True Love of all of Humanity. I am more than thrilled to see what else will become of my path.

 Cupakces for Cancer has had the blessings of expanding across America in over 20 states and overseas to Brazil & Africa. Wishes have been granted to terminally ill children. Tears have filled little boy and girls eyes. Cupcakes have filled the bellies of those who have a sweet tooth to give and donate!


It is not just about the money being raised… But the Hope that has been spread to those in Need. 

We all have the opportunity to experience the light. We all experience it in different ways…  

 Always be Wild and Free. :'} AND most importantly…  stay true to Whoever YOU want to be. 


A Word From Blake's Mom...

 The experience of having a sick child is like nothing else...

  The hardest part was the sadness that crept in- this deep ache of sadness is something i had never felt in my entire life - i felt it in my bones in my heart in my teeth and I could not believe the world just continued on-

There was this moment - when i decided to collect myself- it was an afternoon in the hospital- we had just meet with our 4 teams of doctors -the Pulmonary, Oncology, Cardiology and Immunology teams and they had delivered the news that our 7 yr little girl was once again terminal and that she would need a 3yr run of chemo-starting that day with no guarantee -devastating!  All those damn months of toxic medicine I had fed her, all the injections her father had given her and still CHEMO??  I was out of my mind - I went crazy! ...crying and clawing  -i think i tore up the entire room we were in- hours later  when our little one laid small shriveled & gray hooked to IV's I snuck-out down the hall to find a restroom - I stumbled upon laughter & hospital air that reeked of microwaved food- I stood their in front of the doctor's break room and watched & listened as our entire team of physicians joked & ate - it was in that moment i realized these people were HUMAN - not GODS! they had bills, marriages, kids  - I was angry and scared- I wanted to throw-up!  But in that instant I took back control - I made a decision... and for the next 3 yrs i never cried, i never felt sorry for myself, my house was immaculate, I threw holiday parties, I smiled, I was an amazing wife and an even better mom- I never stopped praying silently or out loud - I questioned EVERYTHING the docs suggested - I researched & studied the hell out this nasty disease -I drove my child to chemo every two weeks, 5 hours away and in between took her to Healing Rooms and a Nutritionist - we juiced celery & ate powered bullshit - anything to save our child! With time, eventually our daughter got better- it felt like a miracle- even those HUMAN doctor's had to admit it. I KNEW it was the healing hand of God and am thankful every damn day.  No parent, no child should have their lives interrupted this way.  However, I do like the woman I  became through this experience - I have a backbone, I am determined, I am deliriously happy, and I am UNSTOPPABLE - I have a strength that can be only acquired through crappy situations like this -for a long time everyone in town would call me for direction with their illness problem - I had become an expert on procedures, medicines and options- I was like the Wizard of OZ of sickness! NOW, I appear to be just an ORDINARY housewife who bakes cupcakes for her daughter's cause - a cupcake slave, some might say - but underneath it all I am ABSOLUTELY KICK-ASS thanks to my amazing daughter's journey and her simply cupcake idea!