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Greetings! This is Blakely Rae colvin. I am now a 22 year old Woman. I designed Cupcakes for Cancer in 8th grade to help raise funds for another 8th grader, Kevin, in our town that had been diagnosed with leukemia. I wanted to help his family, but most of all I thought... if I could just put a smile on Kevin's face, it would be so awesome! I combined my love of cupcakes and my desire to make a difference.

My plan was simple– bake plenty of homemade cupcakes and sell them once a week after school for $1.  To my surprise our Cupcakes were a major hit. It was so inspiring to see our whole community come together and raise the funds! We raised $5,000 in just 6 weeks! The success of the cupcake bake sales surprised everyone!

  Cupcakes for Cancer had started out as a creative outlet for me to help a friend/his family enduring through the battle of cancer. Eventually, the message became even more.

Being a chemotherapy survivor myself, I believe it is my calling to spread hope to these patients undergoing chemotherapy/medical treatment. My turmoil of illness at 9 years old was painful, confusing, yet beautiful. I came in contact with the most inspiring people. I met other sick children who became my best friends. I experieced the kindness/patience of nurses. I got to witness the best doctors in the Nation. They make me proud and continue to inspire me.   My best childhood memories came from my hospital experiences. I saw the beauty amongst my darkness. My hope and faith got my family and I through. Words and stories will never describe the beauty that I saw.



Since I started Cupcakes for Cancer we have raised $150,000, granted 9 wishes for [email protected] Foundation , donated $20,000 to The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara, $37,000 to Community Wellness Center in Westlake, & to Band of Parents for pediatric cancer research for Neuroblastoma. Our cupcake funds have also been used to donate three $1,000 college scholarships (that I got to hand select) to deserving high school seniors from my high school!

It brings me to tears on how honored I am to have been given this opportunity to spread hope! God had a huge plan for me through the endurance of my illness.   Now through our National campaign called "Frosting Hope Across this Planet" we have found a way for others to have the same opportunity by becoming a Cupcake Fairie/Angel! We send our starter kits with all the information on how to hold your own Cupcakes for Cancer booth! All the proceeds going towards a family or friend of your choice who struggles with the battles of illness. We currently have over 20 Cupcake Angels and Fairies out of State. We have even expanded to South Africa and Brazil! :)  

Our new mission statement is to promote Health! This incorpartes Body. Mind. and Soul. I want to help spread awarness to all illnesses that we endure in this Human Experience. Health Consciousness is the next step to transform Cucpakes for Cancer into a non-profit that reaches out to any person who is willing to become educated on Health the way that fits for your body. Body shame/eating diorders/chemical dependencies can be the roots to many health issues. I want to do all that I can to personally self heal and be forth with my struggles to help others fly early in life.  I want to build the community up as a whole.  Some incorporations in my life that have helped transform me into a Woman are healthy coping skills/self reflection/meditation/yoga/connection/dance/child-play therapy.       We understand that cancerous cells feed off of sugar (glucose cells). I have been dependent on sugar for a long time. haha my nickname is SKITTLES!    

Currently we are under a transformation to bring you homemade organic sugar free cupcakes! And Health Festivals that incorparte all the tools to overcome the inner battles of health so we can catch it early.

I am beyond thrilled to see how this will grow! Please join the cupcake bandwagon! <3 Ideas and thoughts are always welcomed! We are all in this together!

email: [email protected]

Peace and Blessings!