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CUPCAKES FOR CANCER was created by 13 yr Blakely Colvin in the fall of 2007.

     Blake is now 20 years old and is begginging to transform Cupcakes for Cancer into a more Health promoting organization with homemade, Organic, Sugar Free cupcakes! She says "My passion for bringing authentic joy and hope to those in need is burning with a firey desire. It is what my soul craves. " 

"I have become aware of the negative effects of sugar and how cancerous cells feed off of the glucose cells (sugar). I am seeking a new recipie and mission plan to truly help raise funds/awarness in a Healthy way." -Blakely

Blake's vision began when she was just 13 with the desire to help a fellow eighth grader who had just been diagnosed with Leukemia. Her inspiration came from her love of cupcakes -eating them, baking them, drawing them (even her dog is named Cupcake) and her desire to make a difference in the life a child battling cancer. The icing on the (cup)CAKE is Blake is a chemo survivor herself and knows first hand how long and hard that road to recovery is.

Blake's plan was simple- bake and sell homemade cupcakes for $1 after school and at other local events to raise funds towards Kevin's treatment. Not only did Blake and her cupcake crew raise $5000 in 6 weeks, during the onset of her endeavor, but she succeeded in infecting her hometown with Cupcake Fever! Blake did not stop there! Now a nationally recognized non-profit, Cupcakes for Cancer continues to raise funds for The Teddy Bear Cancer of Santa Barbara, Make-a-Wish of the Tri-Counties and Band of Parents - a national pediatric cancer research foundation.

In the past 4 years, Blake, with the help of her family and friends, has raised an amazing $120,000 with those silly cupcakes, granted 8 wishes for ill children for Make A Wish of theTri-counties, donated $20,000 to TeddyBear Cancer Foundation, $37,00 to Community Wellness Center Valley Ventura/Westlake and has designed a national outreach called "Frosting Hope Across America" - inspiring others to host cupcake sales and donate too! All funds raised by these out of state Cupcake Angels are donated to Band of Parents-a New York based non-profit that funds pediatric cancer research for Neuroblastoma- a brain cancer with only 30% cure.

Become a Cupcake Angel in your town... join Blake's cupcake crew by making a "SWEET" difference one crumb at a time in the life of a child battling cancer!

The ICING on the (cup)CAKE

Blakely Colvin/Cupcakes for Cancer accomplishments:

  • 65wmxf.jpg

    2008 Spirit Award from Santa Barbara Board of Ed.for Determination and Integrity.
  • 2008 Student Citizenship Award from Solvang Elementary
  • 2009 Chris Greisus Society of Joy Award from The Make a Wish of America Found ation
  • 2010 Violet Richardson Award Soroptimist International Santa Barbara, Ca
  • 2010 Camino Real Region Violet Richardson Award recipient
  • 2010 AllyKatzz Teen Hall Town Meeting UCLA Hall of Fame –philanthropic award
  • 2010 HOBY Leadership Camp Representative
  • 2010 RYLA Leadership Camp Representative
  • 2010 Local Hero, Santa Barbara, Ca.
  • 2011 guest on NBC's The NATE BERKUS Show
  • 2011 Prudential Spirit Community Award -Top California Youth
  • 2011 Presidential Service Award
  • 2011 Anniversary Grant recipient from Montecito Bank & Trust
  • Blake has personally selected & donated three $1,000 college scholarship's to seniors from her high school.
  •  KOHL'S Cares Scholarship - Regional Winner
  • 2011 Gloria Barron Prize For Young Heroes- 1of 10 NATIONAL winners
  • Selected as "Volunteer of the Year 2011" for Santa Barbara/Ventura County
  • Coca Cola Scholarship 2012 - 84,000 high school applicants-250 NATIONAL winners
  • Huggable Hero Award 2012 - from Build a Bear Workshop -15 NATIONAL winners
  • Cupcakes for Cancer has granted 9 wishes for The Make a Wish Foundation of the Tri-counties
  • Cupcakes for Cancer has raised/donated approx. $120,000 as of Winter 2013